Friday, February 26, 2010

Gotta Start Somewhere

I need a rash of sunshine days. I've had about a two week dull attitude. Maybe I just need to get started on my next project. Which is actually scheduled to begin on Monday. Working on something makes me feel alive. Well, so long as it's what I want to be working on.
Today I wondered when kale and avocado salad became comfort food. The joys of raw foods. I love it. Though if someone had offered me a chocolate cake--raw, of course--I'd have probably taken the whole thing. And eaten it too. But I ate that salad as if it were chocolate cake. Funny.
Plans for the weekend:
-write seven query letters to agents I'd previously scouted to represent my book
-critique submissions from my writing group
-read through a friend's judo coaching manuscript
-finish plotting my own novel and gear up for my Monday writing start
Seems to be a running writing theme to my plans.
A blog is like a personal confessional. There's a safety in writing here. I almost feel as if I'm talking to a screen. Who knows who will read, therefore I can say anything. Yet... I'm not quite that brave. Yet.