Friday, May 21, 2010

9 things I like

Here's some awesome things I like not necessarily in order of importance:

Thing 1: My friend s. She's the best brainstorming idea person I've encountered. We're like Gilbert and Sullivan or Rogers and Hammerstein or Connie and Carla. She's like the lightning bolt to my thunderstorm. The Tic to my Tac. The... um, this is starting to take a weird turn I wasn't shooting for. All that to say. We've got something fun cooking. And I don't mean pot roast.

Thing 2: A while back my brother found one of those plastic wrist bands like the one Lance Armstrong wore that said Live Strong and he wears it all the time. It says, "Noah White 2032" My brother's name is Noah White. He found a bracelet with his own name on it. Found it. Isn't that one of the most awesome things you've ever heard?

Thing 3: Sitting in the sun.

Thing 4: This girl's daily affirmation:

Thing 5: Talking with my mom.

Thing 6: Planning trips.
Thing 6 addendum: Taking trips.

Thing 7: Being so involved in a book that I can't put it down even when my eyes are shutting on their own and I can barely turn the pages because I've stayed up hours past my bedtime. HOW WILL THIS END?!

Thing 8: Laughing so hard that my abs hurt the next day. This has happened at least twice in the past couple of months during conversations with my younger sister. Talking with her is like doing a 20 minute core workout. Thanks, girl. I don't need a gym membership because of you.

Thing 9: The fact that my dad sent me a jetpack. I dare you to top that.

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  1. !!!!!
    I like you, too!
    And I don't like pot roast!