Friday, March 19, 2010

Spurred to Wraction (wraction = writing action)

A friend of mine who goes by the initial s mentioned my blog in her blog which then prodded me into this bit of blabbering. Thanks, s.

I found out today that my future niece/nephew is younger than previously thought. So I'll have to reschedule my Aunt-orette party until the end of November. My brother, sister-in-law, and I call the child in progress Dreamchild Moneyhands McGee, or just McGee for short. If I have a kid I'm gonna name it Doctor White. Here's why--my mom found this coffee mug that says, "Dr. White" on it at a thrift store or some place and said that whichever one of us gets a Ph.D. first gets the mug. I covet that mug. I desire that mug. I long for that mug to live in my kitchen cabinets or on a coaster on my coffee table. But blast it all, I want to earn that mug. The problem is the only kind of degree I'd be in line for at the moment would be one like the Scarecrow got in The Wizard of Oz. Honorary. That won't cut it. I've got to figure something else out. Soon. And by soon I mean before Dreamchild Moneyhands McGee gets its doctorate.
Speaking of McGee. There needs to be a neutral word for niece/nephew besides It or The Child. One of my other friends whose first initial is also s--suggested Maegchild from the Olde English which means Maychild which means Kin child. So my maegchild isn't due until the end of November sometime. Then I'll be a real Aunt! I love all my faux nieces and nephews very very much but I feel this certain thrill with being a true-blooded, real live, honest to goodness, no doubt about it Aunt.

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